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Stratford Astronomy Group

  This page was developed and is frequently updated by: Mark T. Barton
I welcome all comments and hints on new programs sent to:
You are urged to report any broken links or outdated information!!!

       My name is Mark  Barton, and I was recently introduced to the Stratford Astronomy Group by Angela Hogan. I was hopeing that if no one objected, I  would like to contribute in some small way to the Group.

And what better way to do this I thought than to put our fledgling little group (those were Angelas' words not mine) on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

From what I was told everyone is currently communicating via email. However, by communicating using this website, and the resources of the INTERNET, we are able to do so much more than just talk to each other via  email.  We can talk to the WORLD!!.

By utilizing the website, the members of the Stratford Astronomy Group can not only communicate with each other, but you can now share your experieces, your findings, photos, favorite web pages (links) etc. with each other and also with the rest of the world wide web community. The possibilities are endless.

To use the CHAT feature just click on the chat room link on the left. This will open the chat program where you will enter  your name and then click connect.There is no other software to download or install.

Invite only  those members you want to chat with to the chat room by sending them an email.

Set up an online meeting in the same manner by emailing the date and time of the meeting to the whole group.
         Click here to visit the Hubble site
              Be sure to visit the Gallery to see some
              of  the beautiful photos taken by Hubble                  

           Click the Hubble to see it's present location