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Cygnus Newsletter



A New Name: Recently, a survey taken by one of the RASC centres among the general public, found that the majority of respondents associated the term "star gazers" with astrology. For that reason RASC has suggested that this term should not be used in conjunction with astronomical pursuits. In future I will be referring to the Stratford Astronomy Group.

The dates for this season follow. Please file these for future reference.
Wed. Sept 19             Tues Oct 16              Wed Nov 21                Tues Dec 18
Wed Jan 16                Tues Feb 19              Wed Mar 20                Tues Apr 16                Wed May 15               Tues June 18

A Night Out:  Once again we will attempt to get out under the stars for an evening's observation. On Sept 22 we will gather at the Cook farm to sharpen our observing skills. If you are interested in attending, please let me know. We are still searching for alternate observing sites that are within a reasonable drive from Stratford. The ideal solution would
be a spot that we could access without inconvenience to others. We can discuss this at the September meeting.

At the September meeting we will all be seeing double ( or triple, or quadruple ).

And while I think of it, remember to congratulate Jerry Bondy on his new arrival. No, the new arrival does not wear diapers, it's a scope.

In the meantime, keep your heads up and your eyes open.